At WorkoutStyles, through the years I've trained clients with Asthma, MS, CFS, Downs Syndrome, Depression, Obesity and other challenges.  My clients range from the weekend athlete to those who have never worked out. With special populations the reward for the client is being able to improve their fitness in such a way that it improves their quality of life.  Although having a condition and trying to exercise can be challenging, with the right program and motivation it is within your reach.  If you are interested in beginning your fitness journey, contact me at




Fitness Training

Ready to challenge your strength and cardio levels? Well, try the battle rope and my interval training program that will push you to your fitness goals in a fast and efficient way.

The interval workouts combine Battle Ropes, Kettle Bells, Free Weights, Medicine Balls, Resistance bands, and other equipment with cardiovascular intervals.  The workouts are customized so you can do this no matter what your age or fitness level.  This isn't boot camp style but the intensity is challenging!.  


Fitness Training

I have an Orthopedic Exercise Specialty Certification

If you've had a knee replacement, hip replacement, knee injury, lower back pain or weakness, there are safe and effective ways you can workout to improve fitness  You may need a doctor's approval before beginning a training program.  

Older Adult

Fitness Training

Age is just a number.  Fitness as you get older should be the norm.
Focus on what you can do and set goals for things you'd like to be able to do.

Pre / Post Natal 

Fitness Training

As a personal trainer I've specialized in pre/post natal exercise for the past 25 years.  I enjoy this specialty and like being able to train clients in a safe way throughout their pregnancy.  I have a son and I do get asked by potential clients if I've worked out pre and post natal myself.  The answer is yes, up until two weeks prior to the birth of my son. I have to say that it helped my energy and mood during pregnancy and after the birth. While it didn't make a difference with the birthing process, it made a huge difference with recovery and was worth it just for that.

 If you are interested in my training program or have specific questions, drop me a line at