Payments are due prior to a session or in advance.  Clients can choose the best payment type that works for them.  There are no minimum sessions you have to purchase.  You choose the number of sessions that work for you.

 Credit Cards

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Paypal or Square Reader

Personal Check

$35 charge for all returned checks




Personal fitness assessment and training is available for individuals with similar
fitness levels and goals. Contact trainer for more details regarding this service.

The discount for package sessions has been calculated already and is listed below.

Sessions    1/2 hour      45 minutes 1 hour          1 1/2 hour   2 hours
1                $70.00        $85.00        $105.00       $180.00      $215.00
5                $332.50      $403.75      $498.75       $855.00      $1,021.25
10              $665.00      $807.50      $997.50       $1,710.00   $2,042.50
15              $997.50      $1,211.25   $1,496.25    $2,565.00   $3,063.75
20              $1,260.00   $1,530.00   $1,890.00    $3,240.00   $3,870.00
Save 5% when you buy 5 sessions.
Save 5% when you buy 10 sessions.
Save 5% when you buy 15 sessions.
Save 10% when you buy 20 sessions.

Ready to get Motivated?

WorkoutStyles Fitness Training Special:  If you live within 6 miles of Los Feliz, we have a special rate of $60 for our one hour sessions. No discounts are given for this special rate.

Small Group 


For all ages and fitness levels. You form your group and we handle the rest! Small groups offer focused one-on-one training that you won't receive in a larger class. It's fitness that fits your lifestyle. Workout Styles Small Group Training gives you a personalized workout with a personal trainer at a lower cost than one-on-one.
​ Included in the package price is nutritional guidance from a Registered Dietitian during your small group training session . Beat exercise boredom with a variety of workout styles that allow you to work on your goals at the correct intensity for your fitness level. WorkoutStyles Small Group Training (WSGT) includes nutrition tips such as: How to fuel for exercise, Hydration,Energy boosting snacks, Reduce calories and stay satisfied.


  • Upper and Lower Body Strength and Endurance

  • Cardiovascular Testing

  • Flexibility

  • Body Fat Percentage

  • Girth Measurements

  • Weight

  • Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

  • Review Current Fitness Program

  • Discuss Fitness Goals

  • Fitness Assessment Report

  • Before/After Images (for clients only)

  • Nutrition Guidance (for clients only

Fitness Assessment


A fitness Assessment An assessment is an extremely important part of any fitness program.  It measures your current level of physical fitness.  It is a tool I use to develop an individualized fitness plan.  It also shows muscle and weight gain or loss.  The assessment shows strengths and weaknesses.  It helps me develop goals with the client. 

​For clients who sign up to train with me, the fitness assessment is the first session of the program and is charged at the (1) hour rate.

The fitness assessment can be purchased individually and is a great way to find out where you currently stand as far as fitness levels as compared to your peers. You do not have to be a current client to purchase this service.

The fitness assessment makes a great gift. If you go to the store section of the website and purchase a $150 gift card, a fitness assessment gift certificate will be mailed to the recipient of your choice.

Personal Training

One - on - one

 10% discount for 2 or more sessions per week
 10% discount for package of 10 sessions
 15% discount for package of 15 or more sessions
 25% discount for Service Members


Personal Training
services and Rates