Outdoor Workouts

I love working with clients who bring their dogs. Did you know dog owners have lower blood pressure? And who doesn't want their own cheering section? As a trainer, I encourage cardio before or after your workouts, so why not take a run or walk with your dog in the park? 
If you do bring your dog be sure to arrive early to secure and settle your dog to avoid taking time away from your workout session. There is plenty of shade, but don't forget to bring water for you and your dog. There is a secure place to tie your dog. Be sure to bring your leash (and a longer rope if desired) to ensure your dog is safe and to abide by the leash laws.

It seems that for people living in Los Angeles, it is easier to find outdoor areas to workout in than it is to find the time to workout!  For those of you who make the effort to venture outdoors, the benefits are abundant.  Whether you like the intensity of Boot Camps, or prefer a more solitude approach by running nature trails, becoming fitter can be accomplished outside with little or no equipment and just the commitment to get started.  Whatever your fitness level is, there is an activity for you.  If you are more social, try team outdoor sports such as baseball and soccer.  If you like more individual activities, consider walking, tennis, jogging, hiking, and swimming.  The key is doing an activity you enjoy which means you are more likely to stick with it.

For those of you living in the Los Angeles Area or visiting, click on the following activities for more information on group and individual activities.

Child and Adult Sports in Local Parks      City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks
You are sure to find activities for all
ages and fitness levels.  

Running in Griffith Park                              Thursday Fun Runs

A local business in Los Feliz sponsors free
Thursday Runs in Griffith Park for All levels
of Runners, Joggers and Walkers.
Trails, Trails, Trails
                                     City of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department
​The County of Los Angeles
maintains a great site for
trail information.