Service Members

Whether you need training in Los Angeles, while traveling, or online,

we can provide you with a program that fits your current goals, location,

and schedule.  We provide a 25% discount to all service members.  

Contact us for more details.

​I am donating 50 hours of personal training services to actively deployed military reservists, National Guard members and their immediate families.  If you are interested and live in the Los Angeles area, contact me at for more information on the Joining Forces initiative.

If you live outside the area, or would like to share this information with other military reservists and National Guard members, click on the I Pledge to Support Badge above.  The link will take you to the website where you can search for participating fitness professionals in your area.

Thank you. We want to give back to you.

Whether you’re an activated National Guard or Reservist, or an immediate family member of someone who is, we want to show our sincere gratitude by offering fitness training services (such as personal training sessions or fitness classes) at no cost to you and your family.

The stress of war and long periods of separation from family and friends tremendously impact your life in ways that most of us cannot comprehend. Yet, through it all, you continue to hold your head high, tackle challenges with grace and overcome obstacles with perseverance. Visit ACE's Joining Forces website at or click on the Joining Forces image on the right.

Deployed military reservists, National Guard Members and their immediate families

Joining Forces and ACE®

Joining Forces is a comprehensive national initiative that provides ways for every American to reconnect with and give back to our service members and their families. ACE is honored to support this important program by providing a way for fitness professionals, businesses and organizations across the country to pledge 1 million fitness service hours to actively deployed military reservists, National Guard members and their immediate families. Our goal is to enrich their quality of life through safe and effective exercise and physical activity.

We’re committed to connecting certified fitness professional with consumers. ACE is a progressive organization attuned to the most current industry trends and key health issues facing our country. With adult and childhood obesity being a major crisis affecting Americans in the 21st century, ACE is devoted to educating consumers about the critical need to regularly engage in physical activity. We seek to inspire, motivate and encourage America to make healthy living an integral part of our society. Joining Forces is an important collaboration on a growing list of initiatives including the Let's Move Campaign and the President's Active Lifestyle Award that align with our mission to work at the legislative level to bring fitness and healthy lifestyle education to communities across the country.